• ★ Recommended lunch set ★ (with salad, soup, dessert)

    • Thailand Curry Set

      1000 yen including tax

      Green curry or red curry or Massa man curry

    • Please choose the main from other popular 4 items

      1000 yen including tax

      【B】 fried shrimp 【C】 roasted rice 【D】 steamed chicken 【E】 patties

    • ★ 2 color set ★

      Including tax 1200 yen

      Choose from green curry and red curry and Massa Man curry, greedy is set ♪

    • * Hamburger set *

      Including tax 1,000 yen

      Source to be applied to the hamburger Please choose from among the three types of Sawasdee curry ★

  • ☆ service lunch ☆

    • Green curry or red curry or Massa man curry

      680 yen including tax

      It is a set with jasmine rice.

  • ★ specialties lunch ★ (with salad, soup, dessert)

    • Ass pig boiled rice

      Including tax 1500 yen

      Carefully shin meat stewed pig collagen plenty ♪

    • Curried egg closed fried (crab or shrimp You can choose)

      Including tax 1800 yen

      Popular! Fluffy egg binding will fit well with rice!