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【Women's Association · various banquets】 You can choose from all 18 items ◆ winning course 【2000 yen】

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Reservation deadline
Until 22 o'clock on the desired date of coming to the store
Available days for reservation
Monday · Tues · Thurday ~ Sunday / Public Holidays · Holidays

Combination freedom with the mood of the day !! 15 dishes You can choose from a variety of 5 desserts and you can make your original course!

Course menu

【Soup】 Tom Yam Kyun or Tom car guy

【Salad】 Poppiasod (raw spring roll) or Somtam Maracao (salad of blue papaya) or Yam Kun Sen (vermicelli salad)

【Stir-fry】 Pappen Pha Daen (Stir-fried Vegetables) or Papo Icean (Fried Vegetable with Vermicelli) or Pacca Paom - (Stir-fried pork)

【Knob】 Gaillan (chicken steak) or Piggai (chicken wing chicken) or Sautee (chicken peanut sauce) or

Ca Mu (Thai style pork boiled)

【Noodle · Rice】 Ganekyo Yone (Green Curry) or Massa Man Curry or Kaopakun (Fried Rice) or Patautai (Thai Land Pasta)

【Dessert】 Ice (coconut · mango) or Saku

* Desserts are available for selecting 1 product per person.

※ order for 2 people ~.It is very profitable to choose more food by adding 3 more items as each one increases!

※ When crowded, we may ask you for two hours in the seat.

2019/01/12 update